Week 2- Classmate Conversations- Elizabeth “Sarah” Banuelos

IMG_20140904_122219850This week in Art 110: I met the gorgeous Elizabeth Banuelos, or Sarah, a nickname she was given at a young age. Born in Torrence, California,Sarah Banuelos comes from a tight-knit family composed of her parents, her two brothers, and her aunts and uncles. In her younger years, Sarah and her family moved to Long beach where she attended a local high school, now Sarah is a sophomore at California State Long Beach. Originally, Sarah wanted to pursue a degree in nursing, but decided it wasn’t for her by the end of her freshman year. Still wanting a career where she can help others, Sarah is now a Kinesthetics major looking to become a physical therapist. Helping those around her seems to be part of her down-to-earth nature,as she has a big heart and a warm smile that will allow her to aid those in need. 

When it comes to art, Sarah’s favorite medium is pencil sketching. She also enjoys making collages where she can layer pictures at different angles to make it interesting to look at. I had never thought of this as an art-form until she started talking about it but now that I’ve thought about it, it makes perfect sense. You can add a colorful background to your collage, put brighter pictures on top of dim-lit pictures, or group pictures into categories, or layer pictures at different angles to create something remarkable. Another art-form Sarah enjoys is music. In her spare time, she attends a lot of concerts, shows,and festivals in the area. Though she is open to almost any genre, Sarah has been to see many Indie-rock artists

Other activities Sarah enjoys are hiking, camping, pretty much anything in the great outdoors. She said she likes to try new things and wants to travel a bunch over her lifetime. Meeting Sarah was one of the best experiences I’ve had at California State Long Beach, she’s a great person to get to know. You can learn more about Elizabeth “Sarah” Banuelos at: http://elizabethbanuelos.com/

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