Week 5- Classmate Conversations- Allison Wendell

.allisonLast week, during the plaster casting activity at Seal Beach, I met the lovely Allison Wendell. She was very easy to talk to and I wanted to get to know more about her, so this week I got to know more about Allison through our classmate conversations.

Allison Wendell is a freshman majoring in Film at California Sate Long Beach. She is from Northern California, which is something we have in common, and came to southern California for the school. She fell in love with the campus, the beach, and liked all of the opportunities for film that are located in Southern California/ Los Angeles area so she left her home in Benicia near the East Bay Area. Allison wants to pursue a career as a writer for films. She would be interesting in directing if there wasn’t so much pressure that came with it.

Allison enjoys movies, mostly comedies and science-fiction films, but also likes fantasy/adventure, and romantic comedies. When it comes to art, Allison enjoys music, painting, and architecture. When it comes to music, Allison likes soft rock, alternative, and com genres. Allison came to enjoy paintings when she visited galleries in London and France.She loves detailed and realistic pieces that incorporate nature. She especially enjoys art that includes mythology.

I loved getting to know Allison, she seems very talented and is extremely friendly.

To learn more about Allison, you can visit her site at: http://allisonwendell.com/

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