Week 9- Classmate Conversation- Lyna Salameh

.art110 week9

This week I met the lovely Lyna Slameh. Lyna is currently a student at California State Long Beach and is graduating this semester with a Civil Engineer degree. Lyna chose this degree to take after her father, though she originally thought of becoming a doctor. Lyna confided, and I agreed that becoming a doctor is a long road that comes with much stress and competition. Though I agreed, I can see how bright of a person Lyna is, especially when she told me of all the calculus and physics that comes along with Civil Engineering. I was curious, never hearing of this type of engineering before, and Lyna taught me that Civil Engineers help construct buildings, roads, and bridges and insure stability. Lyna has had to take many math classes and classes with drawing programs to achieve her major, something I really admire her for, because of my lack of understanding when it comes to math. Her knowledge really impressed me.

In fact, one of Lyna’s last classes at CSULB is senior design, where she has been constructing a campsite. I love camping, so personally, this was very exciting to hear. In all the years of camping, I never thought of how the campsites come to be. Besides this class, Lyna is gathering much experience in Civil Engineering through her internship. Currently, Lyna is working on bridges, and expanding them in width. She shared that it made her happy to see what she had created and that her creations would be there for years to come even though many won’t know how the structures came to be, that she would have pride seeing what she did for her community.

For fun, Lyna enjoys traveling and had visited Chicago, Florida, Germany, Montreal, Toronto, and Palestine. Lyna is full Palestinian, though she was born in the US, and is fluent in Arabic. She also knows some German, having family from Germany. She hopes to travel to London soon because she loves that they speak English, have accents she finds attractive, and because she is a big fan of the Harry Potter series. I loved getting to know Lyna, if you would like to know more about her, you can visit her website at :lsalameh.wordpress.com


Week 9- Artist Conversations- Matthew Hayashida

.art110 week9 pic

This week, I fell in love with this piece by Matthew Hayashida titled “Heart of God”.

Before I saw the title of this piece, I’ll admit I was confused at what it was trying to portray. I did not realize at first that the intricate focal part of the drawing was heart. Before I saw it’s heart form, I thought it was a representation of life being poured into the man’s heart. The focal part has a multitude of things that are harmoniously mashed together: ice, fire, liquid, bubbles, vines, leaves, feathers, possibly snow. It reminded me of the harmony in life, that we all coexist in this environment made up of a vast majority of things, both beautiful and terrifying. I saw this in the delicacy of the feathers, in the sharpness of the icicles, in the intricacy of the vines.

But the focal part of this piece, I noticed is a heart made up of these attributes of life. The man below carries a plain and simple heart, he seems to be a common man. He is holding his heart open to the other heart, letting its contents flow in. This made me think of the Christian faith. Growing up, I had a Christian mother and a Catholic father. Not sure which to choose, I decided to attend a Christian youth group to explore the religion and in prayer and lessons i would always hear “open your heart to the Lord, open your heart up to God”. After seeing the title of this piece, “Heart of God”, my interpretation is that the man below was a common Christian/ religious man who had learned to open his heart to God so that he may live a beautiful life like Him. The larger focal heart is “larger than life” and holds so much beauty and love for life and it is open as well, sharing its love with others so that they may understand and live a life under Him.

It is a dynamic and simplistic piece all at one time. Choosing a medium of colored pencil and a small amount of ink makes this piece black and white yet brought to life with the highlights of the ink. Hayashida’s attention to detail makes this piece one of a kind. To learn more about him and his work, you can visit: http://www.matthewhayashida.com/

Week 8- Artist Conversation- Brian Davis

.art110 tv 2 .art110 tv1

This week, I was intrigues by Brian Davis’ instillation titled “Monitor Vision”. The piece shown int he pictures above was my favorite because there were lights in the center that shown through certain fragments in the glass. Davis makes his pieces by first creating a frame out of clay, firing it, then adding layers upon layers of material¬† (glass, metals, glazes) and firing each new layer. He layers some parts with opaque material and others with more transparent material, creating a multidimensional piece. This draws the viewers eye to certain places in his work, while clouding other areas. This relates to what a real television screen does everyday.

The people who construct what we watch on the television direct our attention to a certain focal point either literally or figuratively. Media and what we see on TV shapes the way we see our world and makes us focus on certain aspects or events that are happening. They can distort our overall image/view of things or the picture being put on the screen, and that is exactly what Brian Davis does in his works.Also, what we see in his work and on the real life television can be perceived in many different ways, depending on the individual. He made a point to use the the word “fracture” often in our conversation, as if our ideas and the way we are seeing things on the television are fractured, even if we think we are seeing them holistically.

Overall, I loved the message he gave though his work and am hoping to see what he has in store for his next installation.

Week 8- Classmate Conversations- Antonio Lavermon

.art110 antonio

This week I got to know more about Antonio Lavermon, someone I had the pleasure of meeting in the activity of week 5, plaster casting at Seal Beach. Like me, Antonio was born and raised in Northern California and came to Cal State Long Beach for opportunities and independence. Antonio is from Sacramento, California and is currently a theatre arts major. Anonio wants to pursue a career as an actor- which I find perfect for him. He is so charismatic and entertaining to just have a conversation with, so I could definitely see him as a professional entertainer. Though Antonio misses the cooler fall weather he is used to in northern California, Antonio is happy to be in a location that gives him plenty of opportunities in the film industry. He stated that he fell in love with Hollywood and the city lifestyle versus the suburban one he has always known. This is a time of independence and self expression that Antonio has always wanted.

Though Antonio is currently pursuing a major in theatre arts, he is considering majoring in in film and minoring in theatre arts instead. He has been disappointed to find how much of the theatre arts major has to do with the technical work, such as lighting and sound, and would like to focus on acting. In regards to becoming a film major, he would be interesting in editing, producing, and screenwriting. For fun, Antonio will play the video game the Sims, design a scene, place the characters, and make a short film using the internal camera built into the game. I thought this was genius and an interesting way to practice his skills, nothing like I’ve ever heard before. He said the most challenging part was using cheat codes so the Sims will do exactly what he wants. Another thing Antonio likes to do for fun is mesh songs to create new music.

Antonio is also involved in the community. At CSULB, he is apart of the Q&A club and Film club. they do a lot of events to get the students involved with their community and by providing a safe and supportive place for individuals. Off campus, he is a part of the LGBTQIA club and does many events that include the whole Long Beach community, such as Long Beach Pride. I really respected his openness with me on these subjects, and I really admire him for being proud of who he is. I really enjoyed our conversation and think Antonio is an amazing person all around.

To learn more about him, you can visit his site at: tonylavermon.wordpress.com

Week 8- Activity- ePortfolio





This week for an activity, we were asked to personalize our websites to tailor to our interests and to expand them beyond the art 110 class. I transformed my site to a more sleek and professional one that has subject matter regarding my major: Criminal Justice. I changed my title, got rid of the colorful background, made my contact information accessible through widgets, added categories: art and criminal justice, and made my site easier to navigate. Also, the new theme I chose displayed the tags and categories easier to find as well as makes the posts easier to read.

I wanted it to be easy on the eyes and straight to the point, where my audience can easily find out the information they are seeking. In the future, I would like to link it to other accounts that tell of my involvement in the criminal justice system. For now, I have included a post that gives some background into why I chose to become a criminal justice major and what I hope to achieve in my career.

I am very happy with my site and am excited that I have a place to share my passion for justice and the criminal justice system.

ROP Forensics: The best choice I made for me in high school


I had an idea that I wanted to go to college and major in Criminal Justice with a minor in forensics, but I wasn’t positive it was what I wanted to do until I took a ROP forensics class in high school. My teacher saw my interest and supported me all the way through the semester, even nominating me for an ROP scholarship which I had the pleasure of receiving. I attended a ceremony where I received the scholarship and a certificate, and was featured in the local newspaper (seen above). It felt amazing to be recognized for all my passion and my hard work.Mock trials, crime scene investigating, and scientific evidence were the things that kept me inspired to pursue a career as a detective. The idea that I can help the population by using my knowledge to produce justice was an intriguing one.I always knew I loved helping others and always knew I loved science. That class, putting my knowledge and skills to the test, helped me see that I could do what I love and that I belong in the Criminal Justice field.

Week 7- Classmate Conversations- Angelica Camacho


This week I met the very sweet Angelica Camacho.

Angelica is currently a sophomore at Cal State Long Beach, just like me! As of right now, Angelica is undeclared but is considering becoming a journalism major to pursue a career that includes creative writing. Angelica lives in the city of Norwalk in LA county and has lived their with her family for most of her life.

Besides school, Angelica keeps busy by going to work at Knott’s Berry Farm, which is actually right down the street from my house! There she works the rides and gets plenty of hours that keep her busy for most of the week. When she’s not working or at school, she’ll most likely be found spending time with her boyfriend. Angelica and Johnny have been together for two years and are high school sweethearts (how cute?!). He also attends CSULB as an art major and they carpool frequently.

For fun, Angelica enjoys the outdoors by going hiking or for a nice swim. Also, Angelica’s favorite art form is music and she creates it herself by playing the saxophone! She started in junior high and played through high school, so I’m betting she’s amazing. She has a dream of performing but isn’t sure how to get into it, though she’s got my support!

I loved meeting Angelica. If you would like to learn more about her, you can visit her site at: angelicaelsacamacho.wordpress.com