Week 8- Activity- ePortfolio





This week for an activity, we were asked to personalize our websites to tailor to our interests and to expand them beyond the art 110 class. I transformed my site to a more sleek and professional one that has subject matter regarding my major: Criminal Justice. I changed my title, got rid of the colorful background, made my contact information accessible through widgets, added categories: art and criminal justice, and made my site easier to navigate. Also, the new theme I chose displayed the tags and categories easier to find as well as makes the posts easier to read.

I wanted it to be easy on the eyes and straight to the point, where my audience can easily find out the information they are seeking. In the future, I would like to link it to other accounts that tell of my involvement in the criminal justice system. For now, I have included a post that gives some background into why I chose to become a criminal justice major and what I hope to achieve in my career.

I am very happy with my site and am excited that I have a place to share my passion for justice and the criminal justice system.

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