Week 11- Classmate Conversations- Anna Floresca


Thiss week I met the very sweet, Anna Floresca. Anna is a freshman at CSULB pursuing a pre-nursing major. To her, nursing majors are sort of taboo because of the competitive nature of the medical field and all of its uncertainty. Despite the obstacles facing her, Anna continues to work toward her goal because of her desire to help others. This is inspiring, we need more people like Anna that are willing to sacrifice for the the well being of our society. Anna started with a similar dream at a young age, fantasizing about becoming a pediatrician and helping kids. Though she still adores children, she’s widened her scope in the medical field.

Anna is full Filipino and was born in the Philippines with her mother, father, and two siblings. In 2006, Anna and her family relocated to America and settled in Chicago. In 2009, they moved again to Long Beach, California where they currently reside. Anna had a dream for a while to move back to Chicago, but isn’t quite sure anymore. I think moving from such long distances has given Anna a love for traveling. She has gone to Mexico on a carnival cruise to Catalina and Baja, and has gone back to visit the Philippines back in summer of 2013. Though she grew up there, she didn’t enjoy the trip much because of the monsoon weather and the crowded city filled with pollution. However, Anna found the Philippine countryside to be beautifully simple and fresh.

For fun, Anna likes to read, especially mystery stories. Anna started young with Goosebumps and worked her way up to reading all 13 of the Series of Unfortunate Events. Besides reading, Anna likes to write. She writes a diary, poems, hiakus, and does doodles. Anna also creates Zines which are self-published works/magazines that she uses to pass on smiles an good vibes. Anna gave me her third edition and I found it to be very cute, it worked to put a smile on my face!

I really enjoyed meeting Anna, if you would like to learn more about her, you can visit her website at:ajfloresca.wordpress.com

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