Week 12- Activity Feedback

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My three favorite activities while in the Art 110 class in order were:

1. Week 5, Counter factual Identity. I really loved this activity because it gave me an excuse to dress a little differently than people would expect and express myself. What was interesting was that with this identity, I felt more like myself. Since then, I have changed my style to more closely reflect my counter-factual identity, turns out, it might be my true identity!

2. Week 10, Landscapes. I really loved this activity because I love photography. Also, I am a criminal justice major and it was a lot of fun creating a scene that would make the photograph interesting. I liked posing and getting my make up done as well. It gave me the chance to let my creativity come through.

3. Week 4, Plaster Casting. I mostly liked this activity because of my experience going to the beach with some of the class mates. It was fun helping them and hanging out while we waited for the plaster to harden. Also, my foot came out pretty well and I was proud of it.

My least favorite activities while in Art 110 class in order were:

1. Week 7, Painting. I unfortunately did not get to do this activity but wasn’t really excited to do it. When I first saw an activity titled painting I was really excited to actually paint. Having worked with spray paint I knew there wouldn’t be much detail involved, which I love to have in my art. Also, I wasn’t too happy about doing my name in bubble letters, it seemed sort of boring and I already knew I was bad at doing bubble letters. Plus I didn’t have a space to do it and did not have the money to drive to Venice.

2. Week 2, Instagram. It was hard coming up with four pictures to post. While I’m in school, my life isn’t exactly thrilling and I had a hard time finding what to post and posted things I normally wouldn’t. I noticed the same thing with other students in the class. I also wouldn’t normally post that many pictures in one day unless I’m doing something exciting. A lot of followers find it annoying.

3. Week 6, Drawing. I didn’t do this activity either because I was looking forward to actually drawing and sketching something beautiful out with lots of detail and realism, but that wasn’t the activity. I also have an android and androids can’t get the app French Girls. I tried on my ipod, but my ipod was too old to get the update that was needed to use the app, it was disappointing.

Overall, this class was a ton of fun. At first I was apprehensive about finding new students to interview every week because I have always been a bit shy. But as time went on, I’ve really come out of my shell and I love it. I think that is my favorite part of the class, besides seeing the art work in the galleries. I found with every person I met, that even if they were completely different than me, that we could always find some common ground to relate on. I think that is an important quality to have in life, to be able to relate to people in a personal or professional realm. I loved going to the galleries each week. What I mostly loved was finding out what message the artist was trying to convey and comparing it the message I received. Two of the most useful activities were probably the kickstart and eportfolio activities. I dreaded doing both of them because I was unfamiliar with both. But, I found that these are probably two activities that will help me professionally in the future.

Something that might make the class better is if a couple of the activities, like drawing or painting, were done more traditionally because there are many people who, like myself, enjoy actually painting with paint or drawing with pencils/pens. I feel like there would be much more creativity with this approach.


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