Week 15- Classmate Conversation- Dominic Erich


This week I met Dominic Erich. Dominic, like me, originates from Northern California. He moved to Long Beach from Stockton to go to college. Stockton is pretty close to my hometown Brentwood, and he shared with me that he had been on the water-polo team in high school and had played my high school, Liberty. It really is a small world. Surprisingly, Dominic is one of many in my Art 110 class that come from Northern California. It seems we all wanted something similar: a college experience away from home. Not everyone has the heart to leave home and chase their dreams, so I give Dominic and the rest like us kudos.

Dominic is currently a freshman at CSULB, and dorms on campus. Though I never dormed, I would guess it is a great opportunity for new students to make friends, especially for people like Dominic who moved a pretty far distance to be here. When I asked Dominic for a fun fact about himself, he said that he was shy. I was a bit surprised to hear this because he approached me for this interview. I used to be really shy too, so I know how it can be in a new place or be in a situation where you might need to take initiative in meeting someone. I’m happy he approached me, he seemed very down to Earth and we had good conversation. Though he may be shy usually, I’m sure dorming will help him make lasting friends here at CSULB.

Dominic is an accounting major and would like to work for businesses or do audits. Another interest of his, is his passion for music and playing the guitar. He has been playing guitar since 7th grade and even had a band his senior year of high school. They would mostly perform locally, at places like the school or their church. Recently, he played at the nugget, I thought that was awesome. He has a few friends that might want to start a band, but he says its hard because they all have different styles. Dominic likes blues/acoustic music and enjoys artists like John Mayer and David Ryan Harris. something we had in common was that he likes 80’s music, including the Smiths, the Cure, and Duran Duran.

I enjoyed getting to know Dominic, if you would like to learn more about him and his music, you can visit his site at: Dominicerich.com


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