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Week 10- Activity- Photography



On Sunday, November 2nd, 2014, Maeghan Renae McBee was found dead on the property of an abandoned farm in Brentwood, California. Cause of death: a slit of the throat with a kitchen knife that was found protruding from the wooden fence near Maeghan’s corpse. The victim bled to death while hanging by chains. Maeghan had been missing for three months, assumed to be taken from her home in Buena Park, California. Officials theorize that the victim may have been captured, tortured, and killed by someone who knew her well. In the photo, there is a single red rose, assumed to have been left by the murderer. Was it an ex-lover? Or was it something more sinister, a person who couldn’t accept rejection of her affections? We may never know.

Personally, being a Criminal Justice major, I found this photography assignment to display ourselves deceased, to be very fascinating. I wanted to create something grotesque but somewhat beautiful using the contours of my body and facial expression. I tried to appear stiff, like my body had been chained up so long postmortem that my muscles had contracted. I used red lipstick for fake blood and brown eye shadow to make my face appear more pale and bring attention to my eyes. I wanted to create a story with my photograph, using the knife, chain, and rose as props to achieve this.

This activity has been one of my favorites. Photography is probably my favorite medium and I loved I could use my creativity to create a story. Because I want to be a homicide detective in the future, I wanted to create something more realistic, a crime scene I may have to investigate in the future. A tale of someone who had disappeared in life and then reappeared in death.


ROP Forensics: The best choice I made for me in high school


I had an idea that I wanted to go to college and major in Criminal Justice with a minor in forensics, but I wasn’t positive it was what I wanted to do until I took a ROP forensics class in high school. My teacher saw my interest and supported me all the way through the semester, even nominating me for an ROP scholarship which I had the pleasure of receiving. I attended a ceremony where I received the scholarship and a certificate, and was featured in the local newspaper (seen above). It felt amazing to be recognized for all my passion and my hard work.Mock trials, crime scene investigating, and scientific evidence were the things that kept me inspired to pursue a career as a detective. The idea that I can help the population by using my knowledge to produce justice was an intriguing one.I always knew I loved helping others and always knew I loved science. That class, putting my knowledge and skills to the test, helped me see that I could do what I love and that I belong in the Criminal Justice field.