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Week 8- Artist Conversation- Brian Davis

.art110 tv 2 .art110 tv1

This week, I was intrigues by Brian Davis’ instillation titled “Monitor Vision”. The piece shown int he pictures above was my favorite because there were lights in the center that shown through certain fragments in the glass. Davis makes his pieces by first creating a frame out of clay, firing it, then adding layers upon layers of material  (glass, metals, glazes) and firing each new layer. He layers some parts with opaque material and others with more transparent material, creating a multidimensional piece. This draws the viewers eye to certain places in his work, while clouding other areas. This relates to what a real television screen does everyday.

The people who construct what we watch on the television direct our attention to a certain focal point either literally or figuratively. Media and what we see on TV shapes the way we see our world and makes us focus on certain aspects or events that are happening. They can distort our overall image/view of things or the picture being put on the screen, and that is exactly what Brian Davis does in his works.Also, what we see in his work and on the real life television can be perceived in many different ways, depending on the individual. He made a point to use the the word “fracture” often in our conversation, as if our ideas and the way we are seeing things on the television are fractured, even if we think we are seeing them holistically.

Overall, I loved the message he gave though his work and am hoping to see what he has in store for his next installation.


Week 7- Classmate Conversations- Angelica Camacho


This week I met the very sweet Angelica Camacho.

Angelica is currently a sophomore at Cal State Long Beach, just like me! As of right now, Angelica is undeclared but is considering becoming a journalism major to pursue a career that includes creative writing. Angelica lives in the city of Norwalk in LA county and has lived their with her family for most of her life.

Besides school, Angelica keeps busy by going to work at Knott’s Berry Farm, which is actually right down the street from my house! There she works the rides and gets plenty of hours that keep her busy for most of the week. When she’s not working or at school, she’ll most likely be found spending time with her boyfriend. Angelica and Johnny have been together for two years and are high school sweethearts (how cute?!). He also attends CSULB as an art major and they carpool frequently.

For fun, Angelica enjoys the outdoors by going hiking or for a nice swim. Also, Angelica’s favorite art form is music and she creates it herself by playing the saxophone! She started in junior high and played through high school, so I’m betting she’s amazing. She has a dream of performing but isn’t sure how to get into it, though she’s got my support!

I loved meeting Angelica. If you would like to learn more about her, you can visit her site at:

Week 7- Artist Conversation- Kenita Hale

IMG_20141009_112252777 IMG_20141009_112244227 IMG_20141009_112159788

This week I was absolutely in awe walking through the tent to witness this piece by Kenita Hale titled “The After Party”.

Kenita Hale is a fine arts major and is currently a senior at Simi Valley College. This particular piece was hand-crafted  and the faces sculpted out of clay then painted with bronze. The curtains and outside of the exhibit was made to resemble a circus tent, with thin black fabric. Each alter presented a person/persons that were seen as freaks and cash cows in the time that they were living.

At first, seeing the pitch dark room, candles, and the colors of royalty, I thought this piece was going to be about religion each person was bronze and surrounded by a shrine. As I got closer I realized it was much different than that, a praise to ordinary people-except they were not ordinary at all.

The night before I saw this, I watched American Horror Story: Freakshow and was amused at how much the piece resembled the many people portrayed in the “freakshow”, such as the “Bearded lady” and “Siamese twins” with two heads that shared one body. In the show and in life, these people were treated horribly, teased, and discriminated, seen as freaks of nature and couldn’t live a normal life because of their unusual features. Many were put in circuses and used as a way to make money while people were terrified/entertained by their appearance.

Kenita Hale’s, “The After Party”, shows these special people in another light. Instead of a spotlight they are displayed in the darkness, only visible by dim candle light. Instead of being humiliated and looked down upon, they are displayed in beautiful alters that portray them as god-like. Their differences are being praised instead of being met with disgust. I love this message that we are all beautiful, and love the statement this piece makes, giving respect to these people who were so oppressed.

If you are inspired and would like to learn more about Kenita Hale and “The After Party” you can visit:

Week 5- Classmate Conversations- Allison Wendell

.allisonLast week, during the plaster casting activity at Seal Beach, I met the lovely Allison Wendell. She was very easy to talk to and I wanted to get to know more about her, so this week I got to know more about Allison through our classmate conversations.

Allison Wendell is a freshman majoring in Film at California Sate Long Beach. She is from Northern California, which is something we have in common, and came to southern California for the school. She fell in love with the campus, the beach, and liked all of the opportunities for film that are located in Southern California/ Los Angeles area so she left her home in Benicia near the East Bay Area. Allison wants to pursue a career as a writer for films. She would be interesting in directing if there wasn’t so much pressure that came with it.

Allison enjoys movies, mostly comedies and science-fiction films, but also likes fantasy/adventure, and romantic comedies. When it comes to art, Allison enjoys music, painting, and architecture. When it comes to music, Allison likes soft rock, alternative, and com genres. Allison came to enjoy paintings when she visited galleries in London and France.She loves detailed and realistic pieces that incorporate nature. She especially enjoys art that includes mythology.

I loved getting to know Allison, she seems very talented and is extremely friendly.

To learn more about Allison, you can visit her site at:

Week 5- Artist Conversations- CSULB Photo-Symposium

.art 2 .art4 .art1 .art5

This week at the galleries at Cal State Long Beach, I fell in love with the photograph above. Unfortunately, I could not identify the artist of this piece. My favorite part of this piece was the colors and reflectivity of the last photograph above. I loved that you could see water dropping, the sky, and the street. I find the picture beautiful, stunning even. But Even though the color is beautiful, there is an ugly truth about the piece, the fact that this beauty exists because of pollution in our environment.

Though I do not know who took this photograph, the other pictures surrounding the photograph give evidence of what the artist’s statement was.One picture shows a pillar of smoke explained as “Black Gold”. I take this title and wonder what black gold could mean. Black has a negative connotation while gold has a positive. This nasty smoke is poisoning our atmosphere while producing something profitable and important to daily life and our industrial society. It is making something good and bad. On the postcard above, it says that there are natural gas and crude oil pools (located in Texas). This makes me wonder if the oil in the water shown in the photograph is man-made or natural in origin.

The piece may be saying that good comes with the bad and we should be more aware of what we are doing to our environment with industrialization. Or it could be saying that it is natural for the good and the bad to mix, that nature also produces water with natural pollutants. Lastly, it could be showing the beauty in things that are considered ugly. It is hard to say without knowledge of the artist. But I take from this that there is beauty in everything and that good often comes with bad and our environment pays for our progress which will ultimate damage us and our Earth.

Week 5- Activity – Counterfactual Identity

IMG_20140421_112133_934.artaltidentity2.artaltidenity.artaltidentity3This week, I chose a counter-factual identity and had a lot of fun with it. Thursday morning I woke up and wasn’t sure where I was going to take my look, classy or more grunge-hipster? Last year, I attended Warped Tour and I dressed up for it in an outfit similar to the one above. I thought I’d make a play on my facial piercings: nose ring and lip ring. I have always wanted facial piercings and tattoos but somehow my style has never matched the look most people associate with tattoos and piercings. I usually dress more like the first picture above but I realized through this activity that I don’t identify with my usual “look”. The funny thing is, I felt more like myself when I dressed up to play the part of my “counter-factual” identity. I was filled with confidence, felt good about how I looked and found myself smiling more as I walked around campus with my head held high. I felt almost liberated. Maybe my personality along with my tattoos and piercings do fit into the stereotype, maybe I am not a stereotype at all but someone who enjoys feeling empowered with red bold lipstick and tight black clothing. That’s what made me feel beautiful, different than everyone else, I felt empowered because I felt like an individual, someone mysterious and unique. I felt my fun and rebellious side coming out and I loved it. I grew up so fast, got ahead in life so quickly that I had forgotten that fun, crazy, slightly wild side within me.

Maybe it was the confidence I was radiating that made people treat me different that day.

I am usually a shy person, mostly a people-watcher and generally keep to myself, scared t say anything too bold so I don;t scare people away. With my combat boots clicking on the cement I felt like I was floating on air, people were opening doors for me and I know this might sound funny-but recognizing my existence more than people usually do. I had more eyes looking my way, it was almost as if my confidence demanded a level of respect or appreciation. Maybe it was all in my head and the confidence made me notice things that normally happen, maybe I was looking for reactions.

I posted a picture of my new identity on Instagram, and I got a lot of likes, and more comments than usual which were nice and complimentary.

I found that maybe I fit this identity more than my usual persona, that everything I was emitting and everything that I said I was into (punk rock, the Ramones, tattoos, piercings, grunge music, singing, concerts, music festivals) were actually things I’ve always liked. I got a lot of compliments that day and even got asked out on a date.

I was flying out to Northern California later that day and found my new look allowed me to not be so shy, I felt good so I became more social. I made friends with the people sitting next to me, the girl complimented my makeup and boots and I found myself enjoying more conversation with all kinds of different people with different stories.

Also, I realized people noticed my facial piercings a lot more than usual. Normally, it takes people meeting me 4 to 5 times to realize I even have them. One time I got hired and was working for a whole month before my employer noticed I had a nose piercing the whole time. But Thursday, people were like “wow, I didn’t even know you had that”. Maybe it was the bold makeup or just my counter-factual style, but it definitely was not like any other day.

Week 4- Activity- Plaster Casting


This week’s activity was plaster casting, and was probably my favorite activity so far.

On Saturday, I went to the Seal Beach Pier with a shovel, bucket, carton of plaster, and a stir stick.

At first I was the only one there and I was getting a lot of weird looks carrying a shovel to the beach. As I began to dig my whole, and older man in his 60’s came up to me asking me what I meant to do. He was being polite and when I told him I meant to plaster cast my foot he was very intrigued. He even gave me an idea to incorporate sea shells from the beach into my plaster before I poured.

I went back to digging and creating my mold. Right as I was about to make my plaster, a rogue wave came up father than any of he others and filled by mold up with water and sand. I was agitated at first but hoped my second would turn out even better. As I went to work digging a second hole, others from the Art 110 class began to show up and I met some amazing people I hadn’t met in the class before. I helped them -Allison Wendell, Antonio Lavermon, and Devante Lindsey- by letting them borrow my shovel and by helping them create their molds. Devante and Allison were from northern California like me and we found it funny that we were happy with the weather and the temperature of the water while others were seeking jackets. They were a lovely group of people and made me laugh, it was nice meeting some new people. Hopefully I can do my classmate conversations with them in the future and learn more about them.

When it came time to remove our molds I was astonished to see that mine came out almost perfectly, with my toes prominently displayed. Antonio didn’t have the best luck with his foot, but Allison’s and Devante’s hand came out beautifully. It was a fun project at the beach, but what made it my favorite activity was definitely the people I met that day.