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Week 4- Classmate Conversation- Anthony Diaz


This week I met the very nice Anthony Diaz.

He is currently a Junior at Cal State Long Beach and studies Computer Science, though he is considering taking on a career in the music industry. He has been looking into LA Recording School so he may learn more about pursuing a career in the recording studio. Anthony originally decided to go into Computer Science because he is good with computers, especially when it comes to coding and the patience needed to work with computers.He is considering changing career paths because of his love of music and distaste for a desk job like he would have when working with computers. Part of this comes from his dislike of repetition and routines, Anthony seems to be a bit of a free spirit so I agree with his choice to switch directions.

Regarding art, Anthony’s favorite form of art is music. He had 17,000-18,000 songs on his Ipod and loves going to music shows/festivals. His favorite genre is psychedelic music, his least favorite is country, and his favorite group overall is Pink Floyd. I haven’t ever met anyone into psychedelic music, but I have to say I always enjoyed the psychedelic undertones in The Beetles’ music. He has been to Coachella and FYF, though he prefers music that isn’t mainstream. A majority of the music he listens to comes from surfing the internet.

Another medium of art Anthony enjoys is drawing, he does many sketches like the one below. He enjoys making detailed and intricate drawings with patterns in the background to give the illusion of texture. He showed me a few of his drawings, and I think he definitely has a talent for it, plus I appreciate the originality of his pieces. If you pay attention to the line-work and the patterns he uses, you can see he has a psychedelic flare, that could be inspired by the music he listens to.


To learn more about Anthony Diaz, you can visit his site at: