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Week 2- Activity- Instagram

IMG_0892From good times with wonderful friends,

IMG_20140904_163659073And being inspired by our Art 110 class…


IMG_20140621_165606138To keeping up with the constant media of our generation…

We, the class of Art 110, are more alike then we probably think.


Such a powerful fabricated word in this technological day and age that it has been added to the English dictionary. This is our generations way of photography, a means by which we express ourselves, and more importantly, the version of ourselves we want the world to see. Note that in these selfies, we present ourselves in the best light, at the best angles, with our best smiles, and with an outfit we are proud to share. No one is pictured with bedhead, droopy eyes, or their favorite sweats. I noticed many of the art 110 classmates, including myself took a picture of themselves, or themselves with a friend. As a group of young individuals, I did not find this surprising, I am more surprised at the ones who did not post a selfie. With the media today such as facebook, twitter, instagram, etc. selfies have become an important tool to show people on the web who you are, mostly by your profile picture. I really do think that is how the selfie was born, not many people would ask someone to take a picture of them just cause they haven’t posted a recent picture of themselves. Also, in the beginning, you might have felt odd making “duck lips” at someone while they photographed you. Many girls I know take a selfie at least once a day, though I never understood how much a persons face could change in a day. Lol. We are all around the same age and have grown into adults with these online profiles, so I was not surprised to see how many took a selfie for art 110. Our age and experience with online profiles make us somewhat similar as a group.

Friends & Adventures

Another commonality was that many of Art 110 classmates posted pictures with their friends going through their daily routine, including me. Some pictures were taken at the school, some at events around town, a few at work, and others out and about living life here in so-cal. This may come down to the fact that we are relatively close in age, or it could because we are students, but we are still youthful lives where our friends play prominent roles in our daily lives. If you were to take a group of older men and women and ask them to do a similar project, you might find that they took less pictures with friends and took more pictures alone or with a spouse or with their kids. We are in the time of adventuring and finding ourselves, mostly just having as much fun as possible so it is understandable many Art 110 students took pictures with friends while being out and about. The real world has just began to touch us.


A large number of students in Art 110 took pictures of their lunch or dinner, again including myself. Instagram has received a reputation for being the place to post your latest meal for some odd reason. I don’t know why, yet I find myself doing it. I suppose it’s a way to show off what you got on your plate; I find I post more pictures of sushi than any other food (which I saw one or two students do). What I found that was similar about the food between the students of Art 110 was that most of the pictures showed simple meals, meals a student budget will allow for. For lunch, I posted a homemade parfait, while another girl posted a picture of frozen yogurt. When I lived with my parents, I’m pretty sure it was frowned upon to eat frozen yogurt for lunch, yet now, I could see myself doing the same. Not only do we not have the funds for extravagant meals, but we also have the freedom to eat whatever we want ( though that may not always be a good thing).

Art 110 & CSULB

Another thing that got my attention while I looked at my other classmates photos was the amount of posts that included art. Since I have started this class, I have been inspired to do something creative and artistic with my free time. This last Tuesday, I found the on campus art store and bought myself some paints, brushes, and a watercolor pad. Based on the other artistic pictures I saw other students post, I wondered if they have been feeling inspired like me. If it is because they are also inspired, or that they thought it was necessary to do so because we were posting for a Art 110 assignment, I am not sure. Or perhaps it is neither, maybe there are a high number of art majors in the class, or because we all joined the class for a reason: we like art.

The most obvious commonality I found between all the students in Art 110 was that we all went to California State Long Beach. Many photos taken were captured on campus, or during the time of the Art 110 class.


When we first heard of this project, I didn’t think all of our pictures would form any type of a community. I thought our only similarity would be Art 110. Through this week’s activity, I learned that we are more of a community than individuals with disconnected lives. I found this in our age, our routines, our locations, and the fact that we are all students working for a goal in mind.