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Week 5- Artist Conversations- CSULB Photo-Symposium

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This week at the galleries at Cal State Long Beach, I fell in love with the photograph above. Unfortunately, I could not identify the artist of this piece. My favorite part of this piece was the colors and reflectivity of the last photograph above. I loved that you could see water dropping, the sky, and the street. I find the picture beautiful, stunning even. But Even though the color is beautiful, there is an ugly truth about the piece, the fact that this beauty exists because of pollution in our environment.

Though I do not know who took this photograph, the other pictures surrounding the photograph give evidence of what the artist’s statement was.One picture shows a pillar of smoke explained as “Black Gold”. I take this title and wonder what black gold could mean. Black has a negative connotation while gold has a positive. This nasty smoke is poisoning our atmosphere while producing something profitable and important to daily life and our industrial society. It is making something good and bad. On the postcard above, it says that there are natural gas and crude oil pools (located in Texas). This makes me wonder if the oil in the water shown in the photograph is man-made or natural in origin.

The piece may be saying that good comes with the bad and we should be more aware of what we are doing to our environment with industrialization. Or it could be saying that it is natural for the good and the bad to mix, that nature also produces water with natural pollutants. Lastly, it could be showing the beauty in things that are considered ugly. It is hard to say without knowledge of the artist. But I take from this that there is beauty in everything and that good often comes with bad and our environment pays for our progress which will ultimate damage us and our Earth.