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Week 8- Artist Conversation- Brian Davis

.art110 tv 2 .art110 tv1

This week, I was intrigues by Brian Davis’ instillation titled “Monitor Vision”. The piece shown int he pictures above was my favorite because there were lights in the center that shown through certain fragments in the glass. Davis makes his pieces by first creating a frame out of clay, firing it, then adding layers upon layers of material¬† (glass, metals, glazes) and firing each new layer. He layers some parts with opaque material and others with more transparent material, creating a multidimensional piece. This draws the viewers eye to certain places in his work, while clouding other areas. This relates to what a real television screen does everyday.

The people who construct what we watch on the television direct our attention to a certain focal point either literally or figuratively. Media and what we see on TV shapes the way we see our world and makes us focus on certain aspects or events that are happening. They can distort our overall image/view of things or the picture being put on the screen, and that is exactly what Brian Davis does in his works.Also, what we see in his work and on the real life television can be perceived in many different ways, depending on the individual. He made a point to use the the word “fracture” often in our conversation, as if our ideas and the way we are seeing things on the television are fractured, even if we think we are seeing them holistically.

Overall, I loved the message he gave though his work and am hoping to see what he has in store for his next installation.