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Week 11- Artist Conversation- Romina Del Castillo

.art110saint .art110playful

.art110venus .art110inception

This week I fell in love with multiple works of Romina Del Castillo. Romina is a drawing and painting major at CSULB. She explorers the human condition, her sensations, and the relationship between her as the artist and her live models that she depicts in her works. Romina tries to reach out to a range of people with her art, hoping to make them slow down and identify with what she has created, trying to harness and portray the human experience. Many of the works above, especially the first and last are experiments of hers. I call the last piece above “Inception” because the first piece I’ve put above is also pictured inside of her last piece. Romina experimented with herself as the model in the first piece, as the saint holding the child. Romina was inspired by this saint after learning about her after a trip to Peru. The last “Inception” piece is a portrait of her drawing the first piece. Yes it is confusing, but it is also brilliant.

The second piece was an experimental and playful piece for Romina. The playfulness can be seen in the colors of the blanket. Romina wanted to show a type of pleasure that comes with being young. I think this girl’s style and pose shows that she is ready to take on the world in confidence. That she is young and fun and ready to experience all the moments of life that are worth living. I identify most with this piece.

The third portrait was my favorite. The woman in the piece is a friend of Romina’s. Romina wanted to showcase her beauty and extend her unique hair. She had her live model pose in the pose of Venus, a goddess known for her beauty. She is the modern venus. I loved this, it shows, for me, that everyone is beautiful. This woman is exposed and usually that would mean vulnerable, but to me she¬† reflects power and strength and the love that she has for herself. It is a very raw drawing for me, many emotions, especially because I am a woman, are evoked. We shouldn’t want to hide our beauty and our body, we should embrace it.