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Week 13- Artisit Conversations- Jeff Dulla


This week, I was memorized by Jeff Dulla’s piece, “Chaos”. This brilliant piece was done with oil on canvas, it incorporates many lovely colors that create movement that tells a story within it. To different people it may look like different things or a different story to be told. When I first looked at this piece I was fascinated by the colors that seemed to blend into one another. The first picture I saw was one under water, the gold was a palace like the one in The Little Mermaid and my eyes focused on the swirling blues and greens. Then my eyes reached the red flames and lava and I thought of it as an underwater volcano or two oceanic plates diverging, spewing lava from the lithosphere.

But then I noticed the black pillar spitting out blackness and the iridescent appearance of the colors below and I knew this was a tale of beautiful destruction, an oil spill. The more I looked at the piece in this new light, I gained more evidence to the theory. In the blues behind the black pillar there are buildings and stairs. In the oranges that before looked like flames to me, there are numerous buildings appearing to be of Asian descent. The volcano is flying lava a crossed this city. Next to it, The oil being brought up from the Earth, only to pollute it. Next to it on the left, there is either a beautiful waterfall or a damaging dam break. And once where I saw a palace and ocean life, I see a civilization being eroded and sucked into the abyss of the green whirlpool, houses and animals being pulled in. I tried to decided if this was man’s doing or if it was by natural causes, and I decided it was both. It seems almost apocalyptic, damage by natural and artificial causes causing chaos and the destruction of our world. And that was exactly what Jeff Dulla wanted me to see: the interaction of forces that impact nature.

Jeff Dulla creates pieces like this to evoke emotions by appealing to our senses. He does this by making his works complex, something that makes the viewers in awe and wonder. He paints, imagining the flow of the universe, which I can definitely see when I look at chaos, with the movements and blending of colors. He highlights the elements and the Earth. Dulla’s goal is to change people’s consciousness and make them aware of what we, as humans, do to our environment. Also, that we are a small part of a bigger picture. Of life, nature, and the universe. I for one, received his message loud and clear and think this “Chaos” is brilliant.

You can learn more about Jeff and his work at: