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Week 3- Activity- Kickstarter

Above is my kickstarter project for week 3. Being a criminal justice major, I hold rehabilitation near and dear to my heart. To me, rehabilitation is part re-integration into society. Many people who have been incarcerated don’t know a life outside of crime, a large part of that is associating with new peers and getting out of the environment that leads to crime. Coming out of prison, these individuals are poor with no where to go but which they came. It turns into a cycle, aka the revolving door, where the person is in and out of prison. My project is a way to help people learn to live new lives and re-integrate into society, and form a community where networking is possible.

This idea is genius. It has been completely funded and then some. I think this project is effective because there is a large incentive to pledging for their cause. Not only can the images taken from the Arkyd be seen by the public and those who pledge, those that pledge get to have their picture IN SPACE, how awesome is that? Also, this telescope, has an arm that extends to take selfies! Definitely modern technology and simply amazing.

Also, I think there are a lot of people who are interested in space and want to learn about what else is out there. This gives people the opportunity to learn first hand and explore space for themselves! You no longer have to wait for companies like NASA to release the photos. I think this video is effective in an ethos perspective also. You are able to see the people who run the company, and the technicians building the telescope, being able to see what is behind the scenes and that they are capable of such a project makes people more willing to pledge their money.

Absolutely love this idea, and I’m glad it was funded.