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Week 13-Classmate Conversation-Kari Maehara


This week, I met the lovely Kari Maehara.

Kari is a freshman at Cal State Long Beach and is currently undeclared as a major. Though she is undeclared, she is thinking of working in the health field, possibly in health science or as a child development major. She is interested in health science because she has always been fascinated with oral care and would possibly like to be a hygienist. However, Kari loves kids, so child development might be more up her alley. Either way, I think she would do great in what ever she decides to do, as I can see her ding either one.

Kari is a local to the Long Beach area and went to high school at Los Almitos, in a neighboring city. Though she is from the area, she currently is dorming at Parkside to gain the full college experience that it very important to her. In fact, when Kari started at CSULB in the fall she rushed and joined Gamma Phi Beta as a way to get the experience and gain friendships. I thought it was cool she was apart of this sorority because my best friend at Sac State is in the same one and even sits on the Panhellenic council. Kari had a much different experience. She did make some friends, but found it wasn’t for her. Which is pretty common. I know how expensive being in a sorority can be, some people often find it is a lot like paying for friends. And if it were me, it might be a little too emotional spending so much time with a ton of girls.

For fun, Kari goes running and hiking. I enjoy hiking as well and she recommended a few spots I should try out, which I appreciated coming from Northern California. Also like me, Kari enjoys drawing, painting, and going to the movies with her friends.

I loved meeting Kari, to learn more about her, you can visit her site at: