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Week 2- Artisit Conversation- Nichole Speciale







First Impression: When I first saw this piece “If You Wish to Make an Apple Pie from Scratch”, I became immediately intrigued. The colors, the shapes, the sounds were all screaming “Colliding Galaxies” at me and that is right up my alley. Ever since I was a child, I’ve been fascinated with space. In middle school and high school I thrived in science classes and then came home to watch “The Universe” on the History Channel. It was from the History Channel where I gained most of my knowledge about the expanse of matter beyond Earth. One episode in particular came to mind when I saw this piece; it was an episode talking about what would happen if the Milky Way Galaxy continued its trajectory and merged into the spiral galaxy Andromeda in 4.5 billion years, creating one super massive elliptical galaxy.

I was amazed that the piece was actually creating a series of sounds that were foreign but almost telling, like something life-changing had just happened, or was going to. I had never seen anything like it, the way it connected to a speaker, I struggled to understand how it worked. I also loved the use of metal, not only just because I liked how the light reflected off it, but because I thought it better represented how it would be if two galaxies merged together. Both galaxies would be full of solid matter, some crashing into each other. On one hand, the use of metal made the merge look terrifying and catastrophic. One the other hand, the music sounded peaceful, like this merge of galaxies was necessary for nature to create a new-beginning.

Nichole Speciale:

Nichole Speciale currently attends UC San Diego and is pursuing her career as an artist. Much of her work is inspired by her conservation mindset that she developed in her academic career. Many of Nichole’s pieces emphasize structure and explore mimicry,reflection, and constellation. In her piece, I saw the two spiral galaxies mimicking and reflecting each other. It makes me question if she meant them to be the same,reflecting, or two coming together, mimicking and very similar.

She wanted to go beyond two-dimensional paintings, so she began to work with other materials that would not restrict her ideas of structure. I found that many of her three-dimensional visual depictions are based on macro- and micro- universe illustrations. In fact, she has been working with astronomic material from NASA and astronomer Carl Sagan to create her ornamental structures.

I was happy to find that my interpretation of her work was on the right path, being a constellation structure. I hope to see more of her work in person, but here is a link to her website if you would like to see more of her galactic work: