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Week 4- Activity- Plaster Casting


This week’s activity was plaster casting, and was probably my favorite activity so far.

On Saturday, I went to the Seal Beach Pier with a shovel, bucket, carton of plaster, and a stir stick.

At first I was the only one there and I was getting a lot of weird looks carrying a shovel to the beach. As I began to dig my whole, and older man in his 60’s came up to me asking me what I meant to do. He was being polite and when I told him I meant to plaster cast my foot he was very intrigued. He even gave me an idea to incorporate sea shells from the beach into my plaster before I poured.

I went back to digging and creating my mold. Right as I was about to make my plaster, a rogue wave came up father than any of he others and filled by mold up with water and sand. I was agitated at first but hoped my second would turn out even better. As I went to work digging a second hole, others from the Art 110 class began to show up and I met some amazing people I hadn’t met in the class before. I helped them -Allison Wendell, Antonio Lavermon, and Devante Lindsey- by letting them borrow my shovel and by helping them create their molds. Devante and Allison were from northern California like me and we found it funny that we were happy with the weather and the temperature of the water while others were seeking jackets. They were a lovely group of people and made me laugh, it was nice meeting some new people. Hopefully I can do my classmate conversations with them in the future and learn more about them.

When it came time to remove our molds I was astonished to see that mine came out almost perfectly, with my toes prominently displayed. Antonio didn’t have the best luck with his foot, but Allison’s and Devante’s hand came out beautifully. It was a fun project at the beach, but what made it my favorite activity was definitely the people I met that day.