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Week 12- Classmate Conversation- Conny Ramirez

This week I met the lovely Conny Ramirez. Conny is an undecided freshman at Cal State Long Beach, where she commutes to from Paramount, CA. Though Conny is currently undecided, Conny is thinking of becoming a Biology or a major in healthcare. Surprisingly, Conny’s first choice for college was not CSULB because she really was interested in San Francisco State. Though she has never been to Northern California, she has always been fascinated by San Francisco because of the weather and nature. This was common ground for me, because coming from Northern Califronia, I also enjoy the crisp weather and beautiful trees and mountains.

For fun, Conny enjoys reading, fashion, hanging out with friends, and traveling. When it comes to reading, Conny enjoys reading sci-fy’s and books about utopian societies. She is currently reading the 50 Shades of Grey trilogy, which I was excited to hear because I have read them as well. Conny also enjoys fashion. She watches shows like fashion police and frequently goes on sites like pintrest and polyboard to put together cute outfits. With her friends, Conny has fun making videos for youtube, creating blogs, going on adventures and getting lost, and going shopping. Her experiences going on buses with her friends to go explore and get lost by taking the wrong routes reminded me and my friends from Northern California doing similar things. I truly is fun adventuring, the freedom and care-free nature I think is what appeals people to do things like that. Conny has visited Las Vegas, Texas, and Mexico, mostly to visit family members. She travels to Mexico about once a year to see her grandfather and his girlfriend, which I thought was sweet. Like me, family seems important to Conny.

Fun fact: If Conny could, her dream place to live would be Colorado because of her love for mountains and nature.

I enjoyed getting to know Conny, if you would like to learn more about her you can visit her site at: https://connyramirez.wordpress.com/