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Week 9- Classmate Conversation- Lyna Salameh

.art110 week9

This week I met the lovely Lyna Slameh. Lyna is currently a student at California State Long Beach and is graduating this semester with a Civil Engineer degree. Lyna chose this degree to take after her father, though she originally thought of becoming a doctor. Lyna confided, and I agreed that becoming a doctor is a long road that comes with much stress and competition. Though I agreed, I can see how bright of a person Lyna is, especially when she told me of all the calculus and physics that comes along with Civil Engineering. I was curious, never hearing of this type of engineering before, and Lyna taught me that Civil Engineers help construct buildings, roads, and bridges and insure stability. Lyna has had to take many math classes and classes with drawing programs to achieve her major, something I really admire her for, because of my lack of understanding when it comes to math. Her knowledge really impressed me.

In fact, one of Lyna’s last classes at CSULB is senior design, where she has been constructing a campsite. I love camping, so personally, this was very exciting to hear. In all the years of camping, I never thought of how the campsites come to be. Besides this class, Lyna is gathering much experience in Civil Engineering through her internship. Currently, Lyna is working on bridges, and expanding them in width. She shared that it made her happy to see what she had created and that her creations would be there for years to come even though many won’t know how the structures came to be, that she would have pride seeing what she did for her community.

For fun, Lyna enjoys traveling and had visited Chicago, Florida, Germany, Montreal, Toronto, and Palestine. Lyna is full Palestinian, though she was born in the US, and is fluent in Arabic. She also knows some German, having family from Germany. She hopes to travel to London soon because she loves that they speak English, have accents she finds attractive, and because she is a big fan of the Harry Potter series. I loved getting to know Lyna, if you would like to know more about her, you can visit her website at :lsalameh.wordpress.com