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Week 12- Artist Conversation- Angie Samblotte & Lacy McCune

This week I fell in love with “Taking my Time in the Paradigm” works by Angie Samblotte and Lacy McCune.

I had the pleasure of meeting Angie Samblotte to talk about the works and her part. Angie is a student at CSULB and wants to be an illustrator. Angie is thinking about doing free-lancing for an editorial or galleries and is very excited for her future. Angie did most of the drawing works, but also helped worked with McCune on the concepts and sculptured tree. The concept of the works were paradigms nature produced that they wanted to explore. They wanted others to experience their thoughts through the art.

.art110 awkward hug
One of my favorite works done by Angie Samblotte was this piece titled “Awkward Hug”. Angie stated that this is what an awkward hug feels like: it is stiff and seems to last forever. She was inspired to do this piece because of an awkward hug she experienced, and felt other people could relate to this experience. I personally thought it was a genius concept. Being a hopeless romantic, when I saw this piece I thought of harmony and of two people growing together in love and throughout their life. This could be a love of two friends that grew up together, or the growing of a romantic couple, maybe in marriage, growing together threw time.

.art110 daily death

This second image was my favorite, and was from the works titled “Daily Death”. I understood the concept to personify the leafs, that many people do not usually see as “alive”. One of the papers that made up the piece was on the ground and had a shoe-step mark on it. I wasn’t sure if that was produced on purpose or if someone in the galleries was being careless. When I spoke to Angie Samlotte about the piece, she stated that it was inspired by the death of leaves when they fall off of trees. Again, I thought the concept was genius. She stated that they are separated from us, and them falling is so mundane to us, nothing of special interest. Angie, however, thinks of the death of the leaves as an art. She thinks others see the leaves as trash that people often step on-which explains the footprint. She wanted to display the loss of life, which can be seen in the tormented fave of the leaf pictured above. It is actually quite sad.

.art110 family portrait

This piece was titled “Family Portrait, Delicately Interconnected”. Though I didn’t speak to Angie about this particular piece, the name helped me understand what the works were trying to convey. Usually in a house, we have pictures up of all our family members, showing our lineage and who we are related to. This piece tells us that we are connected to trees, that in a way, they are our family because they are living things as well that we co-exist with. Another genius concept.

.art110 sketchbook

I really liked the overall look of these pieces displayed like a living room. I wondered if it was a living room set outside or a living room inside with grass as a natural carpet. Angie told be it could be either one. I think this is trying to show that our home is the Earth and it is beautiful and provides the things we produce artificially. Grass is our natural carpet. We do not need to make our own decor for the Earth is beautiful in its own, without the “concrete jungle”. Just my observation though.

You can learn more about Angie Samblotte and her work at: http://www.angiesamblotte.com/