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Week 8- Classmate Conversations- Antonio Lavermon

.art110 antonio

This week I got to know more about Antonio Lavermon, someone I had the pleasure of meeting in the activity of week 5, plaster casting at Seal Beach. Like me, Antonio was born and raised in Northern California and came to Cal State Long Beach for opportunities and independence. Antonio is from Sacramento, California and is currently a theatre arts major. Anonio wants to pursue a career as an actor- which I find perfect for him. He is so charismatic and entertaining to just have a conversation with, so I could definitely see him as a professional entertainer. Though Antonio misses the cooler fall weather he is used to in northern California, Antonio is happy to be in a location that gives him plenty of opportunities in the film industry. He stated that he fell in love with Hollywood and the city lifestyle versus the suburban one he has always known. This is a time of independence and self expression that Antonio has always wanted.

Though Antonio is currently pursuing a major in theatre arts, he is considering majoring in in film and minoring in theatre arts instead. He has been disappointed to find how much of the theatre arts major has to do with the technical work, such as lighting and sound, and would like to focus on acting. In regards to becoming a film major, he would be interesting in editing, producing, and screenwriting. For fun, Antonio will play the video game the Sims, design a scene, place the characters, and make a short film using the internal camera built into the game. I thought this was genius and an interesting way to practice his skills, nothing like I’ve ever heard before. He said the most challenging part was using cheat codes so the Sims will do exactly what he wants. Another thing Antonio likes to do for fun is mesh songs to create new music.

Antonio is also involved in the community. At CSULB, he is apart of the Q&A club and Film club. they do a lot of events to get the students involved with their community and by providing a safe and supportive place for individuals. Off campus, he is a part of the LGBTQIA club and does many events that include the whole Long Beach community, such as Long Beach Pride. I really respected his openness with me on these subjects, and I really admire him for being proud of who he is. I really enjoyed our conversation and think Antonio is an amazing person all around.

To learn more about him, you can visit his site at: tonylavermon.wordpress.com