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Week 3- Artist Conversations- Christopher Vavrek

Christopher Vavrek is an artist who makes sculpture installations by using mixed media and performance based elements. He uses materials that are usually discarded like outdated technology, electronic waste, and old media. He uses these pieces to create a landscape that responds to the mass technological era. That in this search for new technologies and rapid turnover, we are creating many useless entities that are left unwanted and are not easily disposed of.

Christopher identifies with the unwanted materials and shows us that we are part of this obsessive technological condition. We want the new-est and best technology there is, hungry fro more and never satisfied, creating junk.  His purpose is to give us messages like these through his work and to give life back to these purposeless technologies.

IMG_20140911_110504340 IMG_20140911_110351268 IMG_20140911_110411523 IMG_20140911_110448432

His “Server to Protect the Virus I” was very appealing to me, and I understood his message almost instantly with old drivers and large computers scattered across the floor. Broken wires strewn along the ground and old vhs videos stacked above my head, I thought “This is what the end of our society will look like”. His work evoked a kind of terror in me; I realized the further we go technologically wise, the more we create this wasteland. How will we recycle all this metal and hard plastic? Instead of an apocalypse brought from outside our control, will we be our own demise? Searching for the next big thing without searching for ways to conserve is not a way to live, it’s a way to make our planet and environment inhabitable.