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Week 10- Classmate Conversation – Jack Taylor


This week I met Jack Taylor, a third year at Cal State Long Beach. Jack is working towards his BA in Dance with a Dance Science emphasis. Jack was born in Pittsburgh, PA and moved to San Jose in Northern California when he was two. At age eight, Jack and his family moved to Long Beach and he has been here ever since.

After he graduates, Jack would like to move to New York with hopes of performing on Broadway. Jack has a dream of performing in a “newsie” where the dance is mostly tap. He also would like to be in a newsie because of the fact that they have many people contributing to the story, rather than few main characters. After his time in the spotlight, Jack plans on using his knowledge in dance science to become a pyshical therapist for dancers, doing both preventative and post-injury work. He would like to focus on athletic dancers so that he may help them perform in their best shape.

Interestingly, Jack got into dancing after taking taekwondo classes at ages 6-10. His parents noticed he was really into the choreography aspect of taekwondo, always playing with the movements his body would make. They thought he would enjoy dancing, so they enrolled him in a tap class to try it out. From the first class, Jack knew he had found a passion. As he got more involved in dance he learned a variety of styles: ballet, contemporary, jazz, lyrical, etc. Today, Jack teaches dance at two studios: one in Long Beach and one in Ranchos Santa Margarita. He teaches, tap, contemporary, jazz, lyrical, and competition. His favorite teaching is done for competitions, because he enjoys creating choreography.

To learn more about Jack, you can visit his website at:jackandrewtaylor.wordpress.com